Baby Infant Unicorn Teething Chew Toy and 2 Pacifier Clips Set By TosiTosi – BPAFree Food Grade Silicone… Review

Baby Infant Unicorn Teething Chew Toy and 2 Pacifier Clips Set By TosiTosi - BPAFree Food Grade Silicone...

  • 1. TEETHING PAIN RELIEF – Our soft chewable teething set will relieve painful itchy gums and help your infant to handle with the discomfort he goes through
  • 2. NO MORE LOST PACIFIERS – Be sure that these paci clips will unconditionally prevent your baby’s binky or teether from getting lost. The universal leash for binky, soothie, nuk, mam, and the like
  • 3. SAFE & ECO-FRIENDLY – Both the teething toy and pacifier holders are made of premium quality food grade and BPA free silicone that is 100% safe. Durable strings have safety knots at the ends to prevent beads from falling apart
  • 4. DEVELOP BASIC SKILLS – Aside from helping your baby relieve aching gums, our teether toy also helps to learn how to hold and manage items, allowing newborns to develop their fine motor skills
  • 5. MAKE THE BEST BABY SHOWER GIFT – The modern, striking, neutral colors of the teetheer and pacifier straps make them the perfect gift for girls

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<b>TosiTosi presents you an amazing teething toy and pacifier holders set which is going to meet all your demands:</b><br><br> • Secure clip heads promise to keep the clips in place, <b>preventing pacifiers from getting lost.</b> The unicorn teether along with<br> beaded straps will help your infant to <b>relieve painful itchy gums.</b><br><br> • Made of premium quality, <b>food-grade, BPA-free, non-toxic silicone</b> which is the best choice for your special little one.<br> There are also special knots at the ends of the strings to <b>prevent beads from falling apart.</b><br><br> • Extremely durable material that is <b>dishwasher, microwave, and sterilizer safe</b>, allowing you to keep your baby teether<br> and binky holders perfectly clean.<br><br> • Unmatched versatility of these pacifier holders makes them <b>ideal for almost any type of pacifiers</b> (mam, nuk, soothie etc.),<br> as well as for attaching rattling toys, baby blankets, chew toys and more!<br><br><br> <b>Package includes:</b><br> 2 x Beaded pacifier clips<br> 1 x unicorn design teether<br> 1 x Eco-friendly storage bag<br><br> <b>Lets make the childhood of your loved ones happier and more pleasant from the beginning with an entirely risk free purchase!</b><br><br> <b>If you like our multifunction baby teething set, then click “Add To Cart” and let your baby enjoy its benefits right now!</b>

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