Gerber NUK Green with a Pink ring and NUK 5 nipple Review

Gerber NUK Green with a Pink ring and NUK 5 nipple

  • Large Child or Adult Size
  • Speech and Physical Therapy Use
  • Largest NUK Latex Pacifier Nipple
  • Reported to Reduce Snoring
  • Calms and Satisfies Sucking Urge

Color:Green with Pink Ring

Largest pacifier made by NUK and has been nick named the NUK 5 as a result. This pacifier can be comfortably sucked by an adult with tremendous benefit. Recent studies have also shown that pacifier use among adults may cut down or completely eliminate snoring. This enables those suffering from snoring to enjoy sound sleep themselves and make sure that their family members get their rest at night as well. It uses the same principle as swallowing. When a subject sucks on the pacifier, the tongue rests behind teeth. When the tongue remains motionless, soft palate no longer vibrates and consequently it prevents sound from occurring in the first place. In addition, while holding the pacifier in his mouth, the person is not inclined to open his mouth. Reportedly they manage to cure 7 out of 10 people from snoring. In an unfamiliar playroom, babies accompanied by their pacifier evidenced more play and demonstrated less distress than did babies without them. Pacifiers should be considered to be attachment objects, similar to other security objects like blankets. They are excellent at soothing and calming even adults. The widespread occurrence of attachments to pacifiers as well as their importance as security objects should reassure parents that they are a normal part of development for a majority of babies.

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