Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod Pacifier Holder, Dreamy Diamonds Review

Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod Pacifier Holder, Dreamy Diamonds

  • Zippered pacifier holder with (2) elastic straps to keep your paci’s protected
  • Fits other little stuff like retainers, chargers and ear buds
  • Includes Teflon treated outer fabric and AgION anti-microbial protected linings
  • Machine wash, air dry
  • Comes with a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects

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Color:Dreamy Diamonds

Product Description

The Ju-Ju-Be 08AA11ADDI Paci Pod Pacifier Holder is a functional case that holds (2) paci’s close to you with a wrist strap and swivel hook. Is it even possible to be too organized? We don’t think so. We think being organized helps keep our sanity. We appreciate having things in their place with easy access and clean! The Paci Pod helps you achieve both. The inner lining is protected with an AgION natural antimicrobial treatment that inhibits and reduces the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew. The outer fabric is treated with Teflon fabric protector, making it easy to repeal stains and keep clean. The Paci Pod’s interior has elastic to hold each pacifier in place and a wristlet strap with a detachable swivel clip keeps this accessory close to your diaper bag or stroller, eliminating the chance of losing those pacifiers. The Dreamy Diamonds pattern is a multi-colored design that’s detailed with metal hardware. This pacifier container is machine washable and measures 3-inches by 3-inches by 1.75-inches in size. The Ju-Ju-Be 08AA11ADDI Paci Pod Pacifier Holder comes with a 90-day limited warranty that protects against manufacturing defects. Founded in 2005, Ju-Ju-Be is a Southern California company that fuses science, style, and attitude to create diaper bags, purses and other accessories that are both fashionable and fun. Ju-Ju-Be assimilated the most advanced technology possible to create a stylish and intelligent product line that’s unrivaled in the industry.

From the Manufacturer

OK it’s true. We did have a Paci Pod before, and it was awesome. But now we have the new and improved Paci Pod, and it’s even awesome Complete with two elastic retainer straps on each side to hold two pacis twins, anyone? or just so you have a backup. Fits other little stuff, like retainers, jewelry, iPods. Teflon so stains don’t stick, AgION antimicrobial treatment will put your mind at ease, AgION antimicrobial Linings kills germs, mold, mildew, fungus, bacteria, and other bad stuff. Wristlet strap, detachable with a swivel hook. Machine Washable air dry. Measures 3″ diameter x 1.75″ deep.

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