Kathe Kruse – On Tour – Cracklin Towel with Teething Ring Review

Kathe Kruse - On Tour - Cracklin Towel with Teething Ring

  • Many unique features allow for child to begin learning hand-eye coordination and increase awareness of cause and effect
  • Free of sharp edges or rough surfaces, and perfect for on the go kids and parents
  • Machine wash per labeled instructions on product
  • Made of the highest quality materials
  • Kathe Kruse products are designed so kids will love them and parents can trust them

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This multi-functional “On Tour” theme of things that go vroom – Crackling Towel with teething ring is a must have product for the special child in your life. Designed for newborns through toddlers, there are many features that make this product a stand out item. The soft cotton polyester is carefully sourced and sustainably produced with non-toxic finishes. Free of sharp edges and rough surfaces, the dangling car and loop features allow for young hands to begin learning hand-eye coordination as well as stimulate cognitive awareness. The unique crinkle film helps with development sound association in infants as well as increasing awareness of cause and effect. The fabric is entirely machine washable on a gentle cycle, and inner hoop is entirely removable to allow for easy cleaning. The fun vehicle pattern of the towel is sure to enchant and is ready to accompany your child on adventures to the park, zoo, beach and more. Easily attaches to car seats, strollers, play pens, cribs and more, as well as suitable for play on its own. Kathe Kruse products have been made in Europe since 1911 of carefully chosen, child appropriate materials and comply with the highest safety, environmental, and social standards.

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