Mibblers Unisex Baby Product Infant Item Toddler Favorite Rubber Teething Toy Monster Self Soothing… Review

Mibblers Unisex Baby Product Infant Item Toddler Favorite Rubber Teething Toy Monster Self Soothing...

  • AWARD WINNING BABY TOY SQUEEZE AND TEETHE: Mibblers award winning favorite teething toy! Mibblers squeaky baby teething toy. Each Mibbler top rated baby teether is perfect for little hands 4.5″ tall x 4″ wide x 2″ thick. Each baby gum massager is a little different as they are hand painted with food grade paint. The Mibbler favorite teething toys are perfect for squeezing, play time and of course chewing!
  • ALL NATURAL SILICONE TEETHER BPA FREE: Your little one won’t be able to resist these infant toys! The Mibbler Teething Toys are bold, quirky and perfect for your little one’s imagination. Don’t worry when your The Mibbler best Teething Toy is covered in drool, as they are easy to clean with warm soapy water or a baby wipe on the go. The Mibbler Teething Toys are safe from nasty chemicals, made with food grade paint, and Independently tested. Non-Toxic, Phthalates free, and BPA free.
  • SOUND: Mom’s love the sound when their little one squeals every time they hear The Mibblers super cute squeak!
  • TOUCH AND STIMULATION: Soft and chewable for babies, infants, and toddlers. Best baby soothers are soft to the touch, but strong enough to handle those toothy pegs. Simple and bold shape engages bub, a cool set of spikes stimulates your babies gums. Mibblers are calming and help to relieve teething pain, pressure and massage sore gums. Mibblers best teethers and teething toys can be a great sensory tool for children or adults with autism, oral fixations, thumb sucking, ADHD or trouble focusing.
  • SAFE AND EASY TO CLEAN: Made from 100% safe, tested and certified food grade silicone that is soft, flexible and durable. Mibbler products are all non-toxic, water proof, heat resistant and do not support the growth of bacteria. Simple to clean, just a warm soapy water wash or a non-toxic baby wipe on the go.

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