Playgro MF 10″ Lucy Doll Review

Playgro MF 10

  • Textured teething rings to soothe sore baby gums
  • Different textures for exploring developing tactile senses
  • C-clip for easy attachment to prams, strollers and car seats
  • Imagination grows with Playgro! Your favorite toys to Play and Grow!
  • STEM toys for toddlers. STEM / STEAM educational principles – Playgro Age for Stage incorporates STEM to help your baby develop a prosperous future. *The Top four(4) development features for each product are clearly seen on Playgro packaging to assist parents make the correct choice for your baby.

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Meet the cute and delightful Lucy Doll from Playgro! Featuring a wide range of colors and textures, this toy is perfect for enriching your child’s visual and tactile development. Lucy has colorful teething rings that make click-clack sounds, stimulating your baby’s auditory senses. The doll also includes a c-clip for easy attachment to most surfaces, making Lucy the perfect travel companion!

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